God’s Blessing Through Connection

Welcome to my blog!

I am excited that you have decided to visit my website today. I am a firm believer that when God connects people together, it is because he has destiny in mind. The Bible exemplifies this point in many instances. Ruth connected with Naomi because God had a plan of redemption for both of them through his servant Boaz (Ruth 1 and 4). God sent Ananias to minister to Paul because He had a plan for Paul to minister to the gentiles (Acts 9:15-17 and Romans 15:15-16). God orchestrated David’s connection to King Saul because He had hand-picked David to be Saul’s successor to the throne of Israel and I truly believe that your connection to me today is no coincidence.

I may not know the specifics of your narrative or your specific struggles but I am absolutely convinced based on my personal journey that God has the power to set you free from all your emotional issues and that he wants to use this blog as a catalyst for your emotional freedom. You may be at your wits end, you may be plagued with severe depression or you may even be contemplating suicide but I want to let you know that God did not place you on this planet for you to throw in the towel midstream!

His purpose is not for you to live in depression and die in despair. His plans according to Jeremiah 29:11 are to prosper you and not to harm you and to give you hope and a future. Your circumstances and the betrayal, the rejection, the abandonment or the abuse that you have suffered do not determine God’s plan for your life; His powerful and infallible word does!

The Bible is clear about the fact that God is a healer and that He desires to make us whole emotionally. Psalms 147:3 states that God heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds. There is no broken heart that God cannot heal and there is no wound that he cannot bind however, He can only be effective if we submit to his process. The word “process” is defined as a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end and emotional freedom cannot be achieved in one day. It will require a commitment to the performance of a series of actions or steps to get to your emotional destination. It is a journey!

I recently published a book and a workbook titled Liberating Tamar, A Journey Toward Emotional Freedom. This book and workbook package gives readers a glimpse into my life narrative of emotional dysfunction resulting from years of emotional and physical abuse. It takes the reader through my specific coping mechanisms and dysfunctions and provides specific steps on how to transition from bondage to emotional freedom through submission to God’s word and to the Holy Spirit. Chapters titles include Victory Over Rejection, Conquering Guilt, Shame and Condemnation and The Grace of Forgiveness.

I am very candid and transparent in my approach on purpose because most  women have spent a lifetime pretending to be free while crying themselves to sleep every night. I openly and unashamedly share my testimony so you and other readers can be encouraged and uplifted because I believe Jesus instructs us to do so in (Luke 22:31-32) when he tells Peter to strengthen his brother once he is delivered from his challenges.

The Liberating Tamar, A Journey Toward Emotional Freedom package is a catalyst that God is using to strengthen, uplift and deliver women all over the world from emotional shackles and mental strongholds. The book can be read on its own and you can also use it as part of a Bible study with the accompanying workbook. This is a powerful resource that will revolutionize your thinking and change your life forever!

Order your journey package today!

Leontine Journey Package